The firm Bauer-MED has performed its job for many years. We offer diagnosis through the latest medical technologies in the leading German clinics, as well as treatment and consultation with highly qualified doctors.

The founder of Bauer-MED is certified-Psychologist
Maka Bauer, who has many- year experience in the relevant field.

Personal data

Full name: Maka Bauer

Date of birth: 23.01.1976

Place of birth: Georgia

School education:

Tbilisi Secondary School #186


1992 - 1997

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, department of European Languages and Literature in German studies. Qualification: Certified Germanist

2003 - 2010

Otto-Friedrich-University, Bamberg-Germany, department of Psychology. Supplementary department: International and European Policy. Qualification: Certified Psychologist.

Professional Education

1996 - 1999

Professional education in economics in the firm “ Unicor” (Germany) Qualification: Economist

Additional qualifications


having passed state examinations in Darmstadt State Exam Board in order to be recognized as certified Georgian-German translator-interpreter for courts and notaries.


Recognition for being certified Georgian-German translator-interpreter for courts and notaries on the lands of Bavaria, Baden-Wurttemberg, Saarland, Hessen and Berlin.


1999 - 2002

Germany, a firm-“Weiser" ltd. Positions of economist and accountant.

2001 - to present

Germany, the head of the translation bureau "Sprachendienst - Maka Bauer".
Germany, the founder of "BauerMED”, health service firm;
A psychologist

Personal data

Full name: Shalva Nachkebia

Date of birth: 01.04.1979

Place of birth: Georgia

School education:

Tbilisi Secondary School #100

Higher Education

1996 - 2001

Security Academy of Tbilisi Qualification: Master Degree, Lawyer

2001 - 2002

Germany, St. Benedict School in Munich- German language courses


Great Britain, Oxford College of English- English Language Courses

2002 - 2006

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, department of International Economic Law Qualification: Master in European Economic Law

Doctor's degree


In Georgian Technical University was honored with Doctor's degree in political science, on the theme - "The political - legal relations with International Organizations”



Germany, Straubing military base, Georgian Peacekeepers trainings – interpreter; was awarded the rank of Instructor

2006 - 2007

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Georgia, Security Policy and Euro-Atlantic Integration Department, NATO Office Intern

2009 - 2010

Ltd “ SOCAR Georgia Petroleum”, head of shift work

January of 2011- to present

Germany, the manager of the translation bureau "Sprachendienst - Maka Bauer";
Germany, the manager of "BauerMED”, health service firm