Since we do not perform the treatment itself, we have an extensive range of services for our patients as we arrange the contacts with the best specialists in the field.

Our practice has shown that in general it is very important and successful to carry out prevention studies. In this regard, we have contacts with leading specialists of some of the best clinics in Munich.

We have expanded our system in aesthetic treatment, surgery or other medical fields, the list of which can be found below:


Modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of children diseases


Modern methods of infertility treatment


Studies with the most modern equipment


High -quality laboratory research forms the basis of elaborating the strategy of the right treatment
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Diagnosis of infectious diseases through immune-enzymatic method also clinical-diagnostic, biochemical studies carried out by using up-to-date medical equipment

Oncology Hematology

The diagnosis and treatment of leukemia and anemia, giving modern-method treatment for oncology diseases as well as using techniques of alternative medicine treatment, immunotherapy


Accurate diagnosis and treatment of various cancers, including alternative methods of treatment


All types of dental services

Plastic Surgery

Rhinoplastic, Otoplasty, blepharoplasty, mammoplasty, Liposuction, Facial and neck skin stretching


Diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of skin diseases


All types of mental disorders treated by various modern methods