BauerMED offers:

1.   We are looking for a job in Germany tailored to your profile;

2.   We prepare, translate and certify documents which are necessary for the application or job placement;

3.   We put you in contact with the employer;

4.   We advise and support you in all steps that you go through until the conclusion of the employment contract;

5.   We accompany you on the first working day;

Interested persons must meet the following conditions:

1.   You have successfully completed training as a healthcare worker (m / f / d);

2.   You have practical experience in the job (at least 1 year);

3.   You have German language skills at level A2 and are ready to improve them further;

4.   You are reliable, able to work in a team and conscientious;

5.   You have social skills and a safe, friendly and committed demeanor;

6.   You are motivated to work as a nurse in Germany;

Email: info@bauermed.eu

Mon.-Fri.: 10:00 - 18:00; Tel.: +995 599-51-52-52; +49 157 79515252;

Mon.-Fri.: 10:00 - 18:00, Also Viber & WhatsApp